Thrax Furious XM 20 Badminton Racket

Weight : 69 gm | Balance : 300mm | Flex : 8.4-8.5
MAX String Tension Up TO 28 LBS
Frame: High Modules Graphite
Shaft: High Modules Graphite ,High Tensile and Impact resistance Slim Shaft
Furious Series is developed with concept like Thrax Lean Attack, Superlight Technology , Isometric Head Shape , 40T Japan Graphite , Carbon Nano Tube , High Impact Strength Tensile Shaft , Revolutionary Octagon shaft ,Full Graphite Handle and many more

Thrax Furious XM 10 Badminton Racket

Frame: Japanese High Modules Graphite, Lean Attack Frame Cross Section for Better Aerodynamics, Better Frame Swing Speed
Shaft: Japanese High Modules Graphite, Enhance Graphite, Nano Tubes, Refine Reign for better Impact Strength and Optimum Stiffness
Enhance Graphite Provides MAX String Tension Up TO 30 LBS
Racket Weight: 72 Gms | Balance : 300mm | Flex : 8.4-8.5
High Tensile and Impact resistance Slim Shaft , Full Graphite Racket ,Head Heavy Configuration , Enhance Grommets Patterns for Better String Movements , Isometric Head shape for Enlarge Sweet Spot

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